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Bend Veterinary Clinic - Dogs

Bend Veterinary Clinic can provide complete services for your pets. We recommend an annual physical (or healthy pet exam) to make sure your animal is in their best physical shape and health. 

TAGG™ Tracker System is a dog collar attachment that tracks your dogs activities with GPS. Now you can find your dog using realtime imagery and their exact location. Read more on the TAGG™ tracker system website.

Tagg - Pet Tracker System - GPS Pet Locator

For dogs, our services include:

Physical Exam & Sick and/or Injured Pets

Healthy Pet Exams

We recommend bringing in a stool sample from your animal at least once a year so that we can determine if they have internal parasites. We can then also provide your animal with dewormers.


We offer the following vaccinations:

Rabies 1 year
Rabies 3 year
DHPP 1 year
DHPP 3 year
Rattlesnake Vaccine

Heartgard Plus
 (depending on animal's weight)
Check for printable coupons
Heartworm Testing

Once a year testing for Heartworms before prescribing a Heartworm preventative is required. Once the test is complete Heartgard Plus is available at our clinic.

Dog Spays

Dog Neuters

Now offering Zeuterin™ a non-invasive & non-surgical alternative for neutering male dogs. (Preferred method at BVC)

Zeuterin™ is a non-invasive & non-surgical alternative for neutering male dogs.

This non-invasive and non-surgical neutering technique uses the medicine zinc gluconate neutralized with L-arginine injected directly into a dog’s testicles to prevent sperm production, thus sterilizing the dog. It is the first form of non-invasive and non-surgical neutering approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in dogs.

Read online article "Finally: A Nonsurgical Method to Neuter Dogs".  Visit our BVC Zeuterin™ informational webpage for more information about this safe and virtually painless way of neutering your male dog.

Double-action tick and flea control. Combines two active ingredients for quick-killing, long-lasting action. Starts killing ticks in as little as 1 hour and works significantly faster than other flea and tick products.

Check for printable coupons and/or online rebates
Nail Trim

Gentle Dentistry

For animals that require dental care we offer: cleaning, polishing, ultrasonic scaling, fluoride treatments, sealants, root planning and extractions (if necessary).

Heartgard Plus
 (depending on animal's weight)
Check for printable coupons

*Prices are subject to change and additional fees may apply.

We also provide a full line of other services including blood screenings, surgeries and comprehensive medical care. Please call us for details or more information at (541) 382-0741.

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