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Bend Veterinary Clinic - Internal Medicine & Diagnostics

Veterinary Internal Medicine is a specialty field which addresses a broad scope of complex health problems in dogs, cats and exotic pets. Diseases that can be treated through internal medicine include autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, or problems involving the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, pancreas, respiratory tract and other organ systems. In many cases, patients have more than one problem concurrently. The goal of the internal medicine service is to provide comprehensive care for pets, and to maximize quality of life for our patients and their owners.

Your pet's initial exam will begin with a thorough review of his or her history and pre-existing medical problems. A physical exam and review of completed diagnostic tests will generate a working problem list and a diagnostic or treatment plan. Minimally invasive diagnostic tests are utilized whenever possible. Lab work is crucial in many internal medicine evaluations to help determine the functionality of various organs and systems (ex: the endocrine system) and to look for signs of inflammation or infection. Because diseases can progress, some tests may be repeated over time.

Depending on the individual needs of the patient, additional testing may include radiographs (x-rays), abdominal ultrasound, respiratory tract sampling (bronchoscopy or endotracheal wash), and bone marrow sampling or joint taps. In addition, we are able to offer high quality minimally-invasive endoscopic exams including gastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, cystoscopy, rhinoscopy and bronchoscopy. Some tests require general anesthesia, and an overnight hospitalization may be recommended to prepare the patient for his or her procedure.

During your veterinary appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss various treatment strategies, taking into consideration your pet's lifestyle, his or her quality of life, and your goals.

Internal medicine cases can require ongoing monitoring and follow-up tests. This care may be given by our doctors. Our goal is to be available to you for questions or concerns and an agreed upon treatment program.

Ultrasound Diagnostics
Ultrasound equipment image

Bend Veterinary Clinic staff now offers ultrasound diagnostics. Ultrasound is used in many different fields and in all kinds of medical diagnostics because of its ability to show internal structures and because it can be used for longer periods of time than X-rays—sometimes in conjunction with a veterinarian’s examination. Ultrasound is valuable for locating and assessing tumors, diagnosing liver disease, and detecting problems with the kidneys, heart, and lungs.

Ultrasound is typically tolerated very well and most animals do not require anesthesia or sedation. Ultrasound can of course be used in conjunction with other diagnostic procedures, such as veterinary X-rays, in order to get a more refined understanding of an animal’s state of health.


Digital Radiograph

Digital x-rays provide us with significantly more information than traditional films do. They allow us to make adjustments to see details, making it a tremendous help in our diagnosis. We can magnify the x-ray to a large size, highlight structures, enhance outlines, change image brightness, and make adjustments in contrast enhancing the image to show details which may not be visible with traditional film. Ultrasound equipment image

Digital radiography is an advanced technology that speeds diagnosis and treatment and helps us make the most accurate and efficient diagnosis of your pet’s condition. The detailed image is almost instantaneously developed and translated onto a computer screen.

Traditional x-rays require several different chemicals to develop the film. A process which is time consuming. This process also generates a lot of waste chemicals which require special handling and disposal since they are toxic. Additionally, traditional films contain lead, which also require special disposal incurring additional cost to us which often must be passed on to our clients.

Digital x-rays cause no risk to our environment – it completely eliminates the need for the typical chemicals as well as film required for traditional x-rays and processing.




Companion Therapy Laser Treatment

Companion Therapy Laser technology and treatments have been successful in speeding the wound healing process and reducing pain and inflamation caused by common pet ailments such as otitis, hip dysplasia and arthiritis.   Read More [PDF]

Ultrasound equipment image

You can read more about laser therapy:

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Companion Therapy Laser website
Companion Therapy Laser Facebook page.


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