• Vaccinations – We offer the following vaccinations:

    • Rabies 1 year

    • Rabies 3 year

    • FVRCP

    • Feline Leukemia Vaccine

    • Feline Bordetella

  • Dentistry

For animals that require dental care we offer: cleaning, polishing, ultrasonic scaling, fluoride treatments, sealants, root planning and extractions (if necessary).

•Physical exams for sick and/or injured pets

•Healthy pet exams

•Feline Leukemia (FELV) Testing & Feline Immune Virus (FIV) Testing


We recommend bringing in a stool sample from your animal at least once a year so that we can determine if they have internal parasites. We can then also provide your animal with dewormers.

•Cat Spays

•Cat Neuters

*Prices are subject to change and additional fees may apply.

We also provide a full line of other services including blood screenings, surgeries and comprehensive medical care. Please call us for details or more information at (541) 382-0741.