Animal and human clients are the reason we are here. Centrally located in Bend, Oregon we are devoted to providing the most compassionate and quality care to all of our clients. We have six in-house doctors with over 65 years of combined experience in Veterinary Medicine.

Our doctors are frequently found collaborating together and continuously expanding their proficiency in all areas of animal welfare to be able to give extensive advice and provide lasting health care. Their collective knowledge and expertise allows your pet to receive optimal care every day of the week.

We are dedicated to creating a fearless environment for your pets each and every visit following  fear-free practice principles. Your pets’ health and well-being is very important to us, and we take every measure possible to give your animals the care they deserve. We see all types of pets and treat them like the valued family member we know they are. Schedule an appointment today to see the difference in the care provided by our doctors and staff here at Bend Veterinary Clinic.

Our Mission

At Bend Veterinary Clinic, Inc. our entire staff has made a commitment to provide your pet with the finest medical care possible. Our mission is to provide progressive and conscientious veterinary care to all our patients, while nurturing the human-animal bond. We incorporate integrity, dedication, empathy and genuine passion for every single animal that comes through our doors. Your pet is our family. We take great pride in our care and contributions to the local community as well as around the globe.

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