Stem Cell Therapy, simply put, is an all-natural Regenerative Medicine method that uses your pets own healing cells to rebuild and restore itself. Stem cells are known to have the ability to differentiate into tissues like skin, fat, muscle, bone, cartilage, nerves and a few others. Stem Cell Therapy is proven to regenerate healthy tissues for osteoarthritis, decrease pain and inflammation. Stem Cell Therapy can improve the quality of life for your loved ones with various chronic diseases including inflammatory bowel syndrome, allergies and immune mediated disease and chronic end stage renal disease and stomatitis in cats.

We are excited to be the only clinic in Central Oregon to offer this service in-clinic where we can harvest and process your pets stem cells and treat all in the same day with our specialized lab and highly trained technicians.  If your pet suffers from osteoarthritis, joint or bone injuries, chronic skin issues or other degenerative ailments, contact one of our doctors today to see if this option is for you and your pet.

“Bank Now, Save Later”- Stem Cell Banking refers to harvesting healthy cells during a procedure like a spay or neuter and keeping them frozen and in Cryo-Storage until needed in the future.

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