Dr. Byron Maas is a graduate of Washington State University and has practiced companion animal medicine for 29 years. Bend Veterinary Clinic has been established as Central Oregon’s premier animal hospital and as a result of the dedication of Dr. Maas and his team, a multi-award winning clinic. Continuously providing exceptional medical care to the community, he also devotes his time and expertise to rescue organizations worldwide.

He promotes the human-animal bond through compassionate care, education, community outreach and medical programs in under-served nations. From his beginnings at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, Byron has always been passionate about animal welfare and improving the medical care in all species.  He volunteered with World Vets in Honduras focusing on endangered species care and served many years with the Board of Chimps Inc. He was the first veterinary volunteer to establish the Esther Honey Foundation, the only veterinary clinic on Cook Island in the South Pacific, dramatically changing the lives of the people and their animals.

Dr. Maas is an advocate for humane animal population control with traditional surgical and non-surgical techniques. Worldwide, he has been at the cutting edge of injectable male sterilization with Zeuterin TM, educating his peers with injection technique training and field use. He actively serves as the Medical Director of Spanky Project USA, providing sterilization campaigns in Cuba and volunteers with Animal Balance providing high-quality, high-volume sterilization programs to developing nations and Hawaii.

Locally, Dr. Maas initiated the shelter medicine program at Central Oregon Humane Society and Brightside Humane, increasing the adoption of sterilized and healthy companions and co-founded the Bend Spay and Neuter Project. He served to establish Think Wild, Central Oregon’s wildlife rehabilitation facility, provided medical care for the High Desert Museum and continues to collaborate and volunteer with Vet Ventures, Oregon Outback Humane and Animal Synergy.

The pride and care he takes internationally can be seen in his work here in Bend and he is an undeniable asset to the clinic and our community.