Dr. Byron Maas has been practicing for nearly 20 years in companion animal medicine and surgery. Previously dubbed the “King of Spays” (Animal Affairs Journal 2006) Byron is passionate about population control in companion animals worldwide. He has served on the Humane Society of Central Oregon board of directors and initiated their in house shelter medicine program. He was instrumental in establishing the mobile SNIP clinic serving the greater Central Oregon region. In the islands of the South Pacific, Dr. Maas was the first veterinarian to volunteer to establish the Esther Honey Foundation’s clinic in Rarotonga and currently sits on the board of directors. Realizing that there was a serious need at home, he left private practice and co founded the Bend Spay and Neuter Project to address feral cat issues through Trap Neuter Return Programs (TNR) and low cost sterilization programs. Dr. Maas volunteers regularly in developing nations to provide veterinary care especially in sensitive island communities such as the Galapagos Islands, Samoan Islands and Polynesia. He collaborates with many NGO’s and is a certified international instructor to provide training in the proper techniques of chemical sterilization with Zeuterin™. Read more on Zeuterin™

Dr. Maas is promoting the human animal bond through compassionate veterinary care, humane animal trapping methods and on the cutting edge in developing a veterinary Hospice program with Synergy. He is a huge asset to our clinic and our community.