Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Sara has always loved and owned animals of every size, color and shape. After finishing high school and receiving her degree in Paralegal Studies, Sara decided working indoors at a legal office was not the place for her! Upon making this realization, Sara decided to work at a local feed and tack store before moving to Maui, Hawaii to embark on incredible adventures!

As Sara was ready to return to the mainland, she followed her passion of caring for animals as an equine veterinary technician and practice assistant. After spending more than four years learning animal medicine with Select Equine Veterinary Services and their affiliate small animal clinic, Affordable Veterinary Clinic, Sara and her husband of eight years, Scott, and their two-year-old son, Jetson, were ready to make the move out of California and to a more fitting lifestyle. And Bend, Oregon it was! One week after making the 750 mile move, Sara found her dream job with the fabulous Bend Veterinary Clinic team! With the purchase of their first house, Bend is now permanently home-sweet-home.

Sara enjoys all aspects of life here and especially loves exploring new trails on her endurance arabian, Maleekh. Along with the family’s two dogs, Ranger and Rusty and two indoor cats, Tommy and Sophie, they have everything they need! Come say, “hi” to Sara at the front desk at BVC and watch for her in the mountains training for the 50 – 100 mile endurance rides!