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Bend Veterinary Clinic

Bend Veterinary Clinic has been providing quality compassionate veterinary care for Central Oregon dogs, cats and exotic pets since 1964. Whatever your animals needs, we are sure to have services to match.

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Tick Talk Article by Dr. Byron Maas - June 2015

Ticks are among the worst ectoparasites that dogs and cats can get because they can spread some very nasty diseases. With one of the mildest winters ever in Central Oregon, our area now lacks a natural preventative barrier against many of the bugs that affect our pets.

View article on detecting and removing ticks on your pets.

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Wellness Pet Care Plans - Bend Veterinary Clinic

Preventive care is the best way to promote you pet's health and well being.

Our Wellness Plans include semi-annual comprehensive wellness exams, up to two additional office visits, vaccinations, screenings, blood tests and additional services depending on the selected plan level.

Visit our Wellness Pet Care Plans page to view individual plans and cost.

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Poisonous and toxic mushrooms for your pets

We are seeing an increased amount, in our area, of pets being poisoned from eating toxic mushrooms.

Call us immediately if you suspect your pet has eaten wild mushrooms and is exhibiting symptoms of illness! 541-382-0741.

If after BVC clinic hours, Contact the Animal Emergency Clinic at 541-385-9110.

You can visit the BVC webpage on Toxic Mushrooms.

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Dog Bite Prevention Awareness image heading American Humane Association - Dog Bite Prevention Awareness

In honor of "Dog Bite Prevention Week", May 17th - 23rd.

Sometimes mans best friend can be unpredictable. Check out tips from the American Humane Society to help protect you and your family.

Don't be a victim of a dog bite. Education and common sense go a long way in our relationship with Fido and friends.

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Rattlesnake Aversion Training Class

Rattlesnake Aversion Training on Sunday, June 28th.  Please call Alisha to schedule an appointment. THE TRAINING IS NOT AT BEND VETERINARY CLINIC.

Read more on our site about Rattlesnake Aversion Training.

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Bonded sealants for your dogs teeth and dental health

Dental fractures are often painful. When an animal's tooth becomes chipped or broken it exposes a sensitive structure called dentin? Dentin is composed of billions of microscopic tubes. Once dentin is exposed, the bacteria in the mouth can be drawn up those tubes resulting in an infection of the tooth root. Statitics show that 3% or less of tooth root abscesses result in facial swelling, leaving 97% plus undetectable with dental x-rays? Your pet can be in pain and you wouldn't even see outward signs of trouble.

At BVC, we are able to apply an acrylic sealant to your pet's broken tooth surface to seal the dentin tubules, protecting them from bacteria. Sealing the tubules can prevent an infection that could eventually result in a root canal or surgical extraction.

composite, restorative teeth repair for dogs and cats

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BVC clinic destination location sticker - Ask for yours - They are free


Check out our new BVC stickers.
Stop by today or the next time your in the clinic ask for us for a sticker for your car.

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Did you know? We can fill your pet's prescription medications. Please give us 24 hours notice.


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In an Emergency clinic img

Urgent care is available at our clinic during normal business hours.

Call us at (541) 382-0741 or come in to the clinic.Go to our Emergencies Information page for after-hours care.

ePet Health Patient log-in

ePet Health - Manage Your Pet's Online Records.

Click here to visit the ePet Health website to view your pet's veterinary health records, schedule appointments, set up pet check reminders, read valuable pet health information and so much more. Use the Pet Owner Secure Login on the right hand side of the page.

World Spay Day Award Certificate to Bend Veterinary Clinic 2014

    VIN Library image
The Veterinary Information Network (VIN) offers a library comprised of over 500,000 articles in 150 core journals. The VIN librarians are veterinarians who continually work to provide you with clinically useful, current information. Access our VIN Library page.

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20 First Paradigm - Lost Dogs Campaign

  Lost Dogs Film Flyer

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Dogs Section Highlights

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Zinc Sterilization Procedure

Watch a video on Zinc Sterilization. It's safe, quick and FDA approved.
Zeuterin™ is our preferred method for male dog sterilization at BVC.


Watch more

cats section highlights

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Got Cats? We can Help!

Annual visits and preventative care is important to keeping your cat healthy and detecting illnesses before they become a serious problem for your pet.

Cat section image

Visit our Services for Cats page

Exotic Pet Highlights

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Meet Savannah, an exotic pet.

Exotic pets can have specialized care needs. Even common small pets may require more care than thought. The staff at Bend Vet Clinic can help.

Meet Savannah - She's an alligator pet

Read more


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