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Bend Veterinary Clinic

Bend Veterinary Clinic has been providing quality compassionate veterinary care for Central Oregon dogs, cats and exotic pets since 1964. Whatever your animals needs, we are sure to have services to match.

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Project Connect for Pets 2014

Project Connect for Pets 2014 is having an auction to raise funds for medical supplies and other items needed for the event. There are many local items up for grabs, but also a few items that can be used AROUND THE WORLD!

Volunteers needed, too! Visit the Project Connect website to sign up. Online Auction starts August 11-25, 2014.
Project Connect Facebook page

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Odell Lake Advisory - high levels of toxic blue-green algae in the water.

State health officials are warning visitors to Odell Lake of high levels of toxic blue-green algae in the water. Read article


"The Pacific Northwest's coastline, lakes, rivers and streams offer plenty of places for your pooch to play. But while it's fun to bring your dog along on your water excursions, it's also important to stay vigilant or you could be fishing for trouble....."  Read article


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Non-Surgical Neutering for male dogs in Bakersfield, CA - June 2014

DALLAS,OR- Womans dog injests e-cigarette nicotine cartridge liquid and dies.

Nicotine cartridges/filters can contain anywhere from 6-36 mg of nicotine--about the same amount as in a cigarette. The bottles of liquid used to recharge the cartridges (e-liquid, e-juice) contain up to 36 mg nicotine/mL and come in 10-30 mL bottles (30 mL was largest found), so can contain as much as 1080 mg of nicotine. So the bottles of the e-liquid could easily be fatal if the contents were ingested. The LD50 of nicotine in dogs is 9 mg/kg (lower in humans) so even a 10 mL bottle of 6 mg/mL (the lowest nicotine strength) could easily prove fatal if the contents were ingested.

Veterinarian Public Health Issues, US

Non-Surgical Neutering for male dogs in Bakersfield, CA - June 2014

..."BAKERSFIELD,CA- It's a simple procedure. "You can do this, the whole procedure in about two minutes," said veterinarian Dr. Bryon Maas. That's less invasive compared to what's available now. "This is a way to actually sterilize dogs with an injection," said Dr. Maas. ....

75 dogs from various shelters and rescues including the SPCA, county animal shelter, Marley's Mutts and Cathy's K-9 Rescue were sterilized during the training session."

Read online article, Zeuterin Sterilization Training

Dr. Maas and the Bend Vet Clinic staff will continue to work with Marley's Mutts and their team to help them in Kern County with their overpopulation issues. Check out Marley's Mutts on Facebook.

Zeuterin is the only FDA approved injection that sterilizes male dogs without removing their testicles.

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Summer Heat & 4th of July Fireworks and keeping yor pet safe article

Please remember to NEVER leave your pet in the car unattended even for a moment. Temperatures inside a car can reach over 120 F° within minutes, even in the shade.  Read Safe & Sane Summer for tips on how to keep your pets safe and healthy.

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New Zeuterin Article from the New York Times

"Todd Bruce, a herd manager on a farm in Oregon City, Ore., had long resisted neutering his 5-year-old Australian cattle dog, Cody, for fear of losing the extra set (or two) of legs in the field ...". Read New Strides in Spaying & Neutering online (New York Times) Read New Strides in Spaying & Neutering article (PDF format read article in PDF format)

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Parastar Plus is unique among canine tick and flea products. It's approved for use in dogs and puppies 12 weeks of age and older. Talk to us today about making the switch to fast- acting, convenient and easy-to-use Parastar Plus to help keep your dog healthy and parasite-free.

Parastar Plus - Heartworm Treatments for Dogs & Cats

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Urgent care is available at our clinic during normal business hours.

Call us at (541) 382-0741 or come in to the clinic.Go to our Emergencies Information page for after-hours care.

ePet Health Patient log-in

ePet Health - Manage Your Pet's Online Records.

Click here to visit the ePet Health website to view your pet's veterinary health records, schedule appointments, set up pet check reminders, read valuable pet health information and so much more. Use the Pet Owner Secure Login on the right hand side of the page.

World Spay Day Award Certificate to Bend Veterinary Clinic 2014

    VIN Library image
The Veterinary Information Network (VIN) offers a library comprised of over 500,000 articles in 150 core journals. The VIN librarians are veterinarians who continually work to provide you with clinically useful, current information. Access our VIN Library page.

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20 First Paradigm - Lost Dogs Campaign

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Dogs Section Highlights

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Zinc Sterilization Procedure

Watch a video on Zinc Sterilization. It's safe, quick and FDA approved.
Zeuterin™ is our preferred method for male dog sterilization at BVC.


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cats section highlights

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Got Cats? We can Help!

Annual visits and preventative care is important to keeping your cat healthy and detecting illnesses before they become a serious problem for your pet.

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Visit our Services for Cats page

Exotic Pet Highlights

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Meet Savannah, an exotic pet.

Exotic pets can have specialized care needs. Even common small pets may require more care than thought. The staff at Bend Vet Clinic can help.

Meet Savannah - She's an alligator pet

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